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Essential Graphing > Scatterplot 3D > The Scatterplot 3D Report > Change Variables on the Axes
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Change Variables on the Axes

The variables on each axis are determined by the order in which you select the variables in the launch window. For example, the first variable that you select is displayed on the x axis. The second variable is displayed on the y axis, and the third variable is displayed on the z axis.

After you create a 3D scatterplot, you can change the variable assigned to an axis, plot a different set of variables, or sequence through all combinations of the variables.

1. To change the variable on a specific axis, select the axis control drop-down menu and select a different variable.

2. To add a different variable, click an axis control drop-down menu, select Other, select the variable, and then click OK.

3. To sequence through combinations of all variables, click the Next Axis Set button until the variables that you want to plot are displayed.

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