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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Adjust the Axes

You can manually move or rescale the axis coordinates by clicking and dragging the axis. This option shows a different set of coordinates on the 3D scatterplot. It also lets you change the space displayed between the coordinates (or the coordinate scaling).

You can also specify axis properties by double-clicking the axis and modifying settings in the specifications window.

To Move the Coordinates on the Axis

1. Hover over the middle of the axis.

2. Click and drag the axis.

To Modify Coordinate Scaling

1. Hover over the end of the axis.

2. Click and drag the axis.

To Rescale an Axis Precisely

1. Hover over the middle of the axis (the axis, not the label).

2. Double-click the axis.

3. Change the minimum and maximum coordinate values.

For more information about updating axes, see Customize Axes and Axis Labels in Graphs and Extend Divider Lines and Frames for Categorical Axes in Using JMP.

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