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Publication date: 11/10/2021


Add Maps or Custom Shapes to Enhance Data Visualization

JMP transforms numbers and geographic data into compelling images, and turns simple tables of numbers into captivating pictures that bring the story in your data to life. JMP can help you display your data on geographical maps. Choose from built-in high-quality images. Select Street Map Service or Web Map Service to get custom map images from the Internet. JMP includes shape files for borders or many geographic regions and lets you add your own custom shapes, such as for a manufacturing plant or campus.

Figure 12.1 Example of a MapĀ 

Example of a Map


Overview of Mapping

Example of Creating a Map in Graph Builder

Graph Builder

Map Shape
Custom Map Files

Background Maps

Images in Maps

Examples of Creating Maps

Louisiana Parishes Example
Hurricane Tracking Examples
Office Temperature Study
Boundary Map with Clipped Elements
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