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Essential Graphing > Maps > Overview of Mapping
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Overview of Mapping

There are two types of map support in JMP: one where a map shows the data (Graph Builder) and one where a map provides context for the data (Background Maps). You can also create your own maps.

Graph Builder

You can interact with Graph Builder to create compelling visualizations of your data. JMP includes graphical support to display analyses using background maps and shape files. You can add color and geographical boundaries to maps through the following zones:

The Map Shape zone assigns geographical boundaries to a map based on variables in the data table. The map shape value determines the x and y axes.

Boundaries such as U.S. state names, Canadian provinces, and Japanese prefectures are installed with JMP. You can also create your own boundaries (geographical or otherwise) and specify them as a Map Role column property in the data table.

The Color zone applies color based on a variable to geographical shapes.

The Size element scales map shapes according to the size variable, minimizing distortion.

Background Maps

You can add background maps to any JMP graph through the Set Background Map window. You can use built-in background maps or connect to a Web Map Service (WMS) to display specialty maps like satellite images, radar images, or roadways. Right-click in a graph and select Graph > Background Map to choose from the following images and boundaries:

Simple Earth and Detailed Earth maps are installed with JMP.

NASA server provides maps using a WMS to show their most up-to-date maps.

Street Map Service provides street maps. The OpenStreetMap and Open Database License links provide further information on the Street Map Service.

Web Map Service lets you enter the URL for a website that provides maps using the WMS protocol. You can also specify the map layer.

Boundaries for various regions.

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