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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Text Explorer

Explore Unstructured Text in Your Data

Image shown hereMany features in this platform are available only in JMP Pro and noted with this icon.

The Text Explorer platform enables you to analyze unstructured text, such as comment fields in surveys or incident reports. Interact with the text data by using tools to combine similar terms, recode misspecified terms, and understand the underlying patterns in your textual data.

Image shown hereThe JMP Pro version of the platform contains analysis tools that use singular value decomposition (SVD) to group similar documents into topics. You can cluster text documents or cluster terms that are in a collection of documents. You can also cluster documents using latent class analysis.

Image shown hereThe JMP Pro version of the platform also contains tools for identifying important terms and sentiments in your documents. Term selection enables you to identify the terms that best explain different responses. Sentiment analysis enables you to identify sentiment terms in document using lexical analysis and scores documents for positive, negative, and overall sentiment. The Sentiment Analysis feature includes basic natural language processing (NLP) support.

Figure 12.1 SVD Plots in Text Explorer 

SVD Plots in Text Explorer


Overview of the Text Explorer Platform

Text Processing Steps

Example of the Text Explorer Platform

Launch the Text Explorer Platform

Customize Regex in the Regular Expression Editor

The Text Explorer Report

Summary Counts Report
Term and Phrase Lists

Text Explorer Platform Options

Text Preparation Options
Text Analysis Options
Save Options
Report Options

Latent Class Analysis

Latent Semantic Analysis (SVD)

SVD Report
SVD Report Options

Topic Analysis

Topic Analysis Report
Topic Analysis Report Options

Discriminant Analysis

Discriminant Analysis Report
Discriminant Analysis Report Options

Term Selection

Term Selection Settings
Term Selection Report
Term Selection Report Options

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis Report
Sentiment Analysis Report Options

Additional Example of the Text Explorer Platform

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