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Publication date: 11/10/2021

The Manova Report

The Manova report window contains the following elements:

Manova Fit red triangle menu

Contains save options. See The Manova Fit Options.

Response Specification

Enables you to specify the response designs for various tests. See Response Specification.

Parameter Estimates

Contains the parameter estimates for each response variable (without details like standard errors or t tests). There is a column for each response variable.

Least Squares Means

Reports the overall least squares means of all of the response columns, least squares means of each nominal level, and least squares means plots of the means.

Partial Correlation

Shows the covariance matrix and the partial correlation matrix of residuals from the initial fit, adjusted for the X effects.

Overall E&H Matrices

Shows the E and H matrices:

The elements of the E matrix are the cross products of the residuals.

The H matrices correspond to hypothesis sums of squares and cross products.

There is an H matrix for the whole model and for each effect in the model. Diagonal elements of the E and H matrices correspond to the hypothesis (numerator) and error (denominator) sum of squares for the univariate F tests. New E and H matrices for any given response design are formed from these initial matrices, and the multivariate test statistics are computed from them.

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