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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Waern Links

Waern links provide a visual check of the MDS results by comparing actual proximities to predicted proximities. The links join points on the Multidimensional Scaling Plot based on their actual proximities. The objects with the smallest (largest) proximities are connected. A typical scenario to consider is the smallest 33% of the proximities between objects. If the MDS Plot is a good representation of the proximities, then the links for the smallest actual proximities should connect the closest objects in the plot. If a link for a small proximity stretches across the plot connecting distant objects, then the MDS fit would be questioned.

Waern Link Controls

There is a list from which you can choose to show the Smallest Portion or the Largest Portion of links on the plot. The portion of links shown is controlled by entering a value in the box or by using the slider. Figure 10.5 shows Waern links for the data table for the 33% smallest portion.

For more information about Waern links, see Waern (1972).

Figure 10.5 MDS Plot with Waern LinksĀ 

MDS Plot with Waern Links

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