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Publication date: 11/10/2021


window<<Bring Window to Front

Brings the window to the front.

window<<Close Window(<nosave>)

Closes the window. If the optional argument nosave is specified, the window (journal, report, and so forth) is closed without saving or prompting.

window<<Get Content Size

Returns the size of the window’s contents.

window<<Get Window Icon

Returns the name of the window’s icon.

window<<Get Window Position

Returns the position of the window.

window<<Get Window Size

Returns the size of the window.

window<<Get Window Title

Returns the title of the window.


Invalidate the display box. The window updates either when the <<Update Window message is sent or when the operating system has time for the update. See window<<Reshow for another method.

window<<Maximize Display

Maximizes the window. Deprecated.

window<<Maximize Window(Boolean)

Maximizes the window. Deprecated.

window<<Minimize Window(Boolean)

Minimizes the window.

window<<Move Window(x, y)

Moves the window to the specified position.

window<<On Close(script)

Runs the script when the window is closed.

window<<Pad Window(Boolean)

Turns padding around a window’s contents on (1) or off (0). The default value is off.

window<<Print Window

Prints the window to the default printer. Note that the Print window is not opened and user input is not required.


Invalidates the display box and updates the window with the new content. See <<Inval and <<Update Window messages if more control over timing of the update is required.

window<<Save Window to Report(pathname, <Embed Data(Boolean)>)

Saves the current report window to a JMP report file (.jrp).

window<<Set Main Window

Sets the specified window as the default window that appears when JMP is run.

window<<Set Window Icon(icon name)

Sets the window’s icon as specified in the quoted icon name argument.

window<<Set Window Size(x, y)

Resizes the window.

window<<Show Window(Boolean)

1 shows the window (only if the window is not currently open). 0 hides the window. If the window is also minimized (on Windows) or docked (on macOS), showing the window restores it to the normal state and brings it to the front.

window<<Size Window(x, y)

Resizes the window.

window<<Update Window

Updates or refreshes the window holding the display box if there are invalidated regions. See window<<Inval and window<<Reshow for additional methods.

window<<Window Class Name

Returns the name of the window class for the display box. Valid responses include: DataTable, FormulaEditor, Starter, Journal, Launcher, Report, Dialog, DialogWithMenu, ModalDialog, FindReplace, User, Generic, ToolWindow, FindReplace, AppBuilder, and Debugger.

window<<Zoom Window

Resizes the window to be large enough to show all of its contents.

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