Select Filled to fill all of the bubbles.
Select Outlined to outline all of the bubbles.
Select Filled and Outlined to fill and outline all of the bubbles.
You can create a custom shape using JSL. The Custom option opens the custom shape. If no custom shape has been created, the Custom option uses the default circle shape. For more information about creating custom shapes, see the Scripting Guide.
Select None to label none of the bubbles in the plot.
Select All to label all of the bubbles in the plot.
Select Selected to label bubbles only when you select them.
Splits all bubbles into their constituent parts. Unlike the Split button, the bubbles do not have to be selected.
Alters how the X, Y, and Sizes roles are computed. By default, the values are calculated using means for X and Y, and sums for Sizes.
Selecting X as Sum or Y as Sum computes the X and Y values using sums.
Deselecting Size as Sum computes Size values using means.
Selecting Color as Sum computes the sum of the data values and maps to a color. This option appears only for continuous variables.
Using the Show Roles option in the red triangle menu, you can make changes to your existing variables without having to relaunch the platform and start your analysis over.
Example of Bubble Plot with Show Roles Selected
Country now replaces Region as the Coloring variable in the bubble plot.