This example uses the sample data table, which contains failure data and a frequency column. It lists causes of failure during the fabrication of integrated circuits and the number of times each type of defect occurred. From the analysis, you can determine which factors contribute most toward process failure.
Select Help > Sample Data Library and open Quality Control/
Select Analyze > Quality and Process > Pareto Plot.
Select failure and click Y, Cause.
Select N and click Freq.
Pareto Plot Report Window
Select Label Cum Percent Points from the red triangle menu next to Pareto Plot.
From the red triangle menu, deselect Label Cum Percent Points and Show Cum Percent Curve.
Double-click the y-axis labeled N and rename it Count.
Double-click the y-axis to display the Y Axis Specification window.
In the Maximum field, type 15.
In the Increment field, type 2.
In the Tick Marks and Grid Lines area, select Grid Lines for the Major grid line.
Pareto Plot with Display Options
Pareto Plot with Display Options shows counts now instead of percents, and has a category legend. The vertical count axis is rescaled and has grid lines at the major tick marks.
Pareto Plot as a Pie Chart
Launch the Pareto Plot platform by selecting Analyze > Quality and Process > Pareto Plot.
The Pareto Plot Launch Window
Enables you to specify a threshold for combining causes by specifying a minimum rate or count. Select the option and then select Tail % or Count and enter the threshold value. The Tail % option combines smaller count groups against the percentage specified of the total (combined small groups count/total group count). The Count option enables you to specify a specific count threshold. For an example, see Threshold of Combined Causes Example.
Enables you to compare defect rates across groups. JMP calculates the defect rate as well as 95% confidence intervals of the defect rate. Select the option and then select Constant or Value in Freq Column and enter the sample size value or cause code, respectively. The Constant option enables you to specify a constant sample size on the launch window. The Value In Freq Column option enables you to specify a unique sample size for a group through a special cause code to designate the rows as cause rows.