Show Control Panel shows or hides the platform buttons, the Select Columns box, and the drop zone borders.
Show Legend shows or hides the legend.
Legend Position sets the position of the legend to appear on the right or on the bottom. The legend appears on the right by default. Putting the legend at the bottom places it in the center below the graph. The legend items then appear horizontally instead of vertically.
Continuous Color Theme selects the color theme that will be used for continuous variables.
Categorical Color Theme selects the color theme that will be used for categorical variables.
Show Footer shows or hides the footer, which contains informative messages such as missing map shapes, error bar notes, freq notes, and WHERE clauses.
Lock Scales prevents axis scales and gradient legend scales from automatically adjusting in response to data or filtering changes.
Link Page Axes links or unlinks graph axis scales across levels of the By group variable in the Page zone.
Fit to Window determines whether the graph is resized as you resize the JMP window. The default setting is Auto, which bases the scaling on the contents of the graph. For example, large graphs do not stretch to fit the resized window by default; the graph extends beyond the viewing area. Change the setting to On to always fit the graph inside the window. Change the setting to Off to prevent the graph from resizing.
Sampling uses a random sample of the data to speed up graph drawing. If the sample size is zero, or greater than or equal to the number of rows in the data table, then sampling is turned off.
Graph Spacing sets the amount of space between graph panels.
Include Missing Categories enables a graph to collect and display missing values for categorical variables.
Launch Analysis launches the Fit Model platform with the variables on the graph placed into roles. It launches the Distribution platform when only one variable is placed.
Make into Data Table creates a new data table that contains the results from the graph.
Script contains options that are available to all platforms. They enable you to redo the analysis or save the JSL commands for the analysis to a window or a file. For more information, see Using JMP.
Note: You can drag and drop an image file to the background of a graph in Graph Builder as described in the Using JMP book. After adding the image, the standard image options can be used to format the image.
Note: For a description of the Rows, Graph, Customize, and Edit menus, see the Using JMP book.
The Remove and Swap commands appear. See Remove Variables or Change Variable Roles.
The Remove and Swap commands appear. See Remove Variables or Change Variable Roles.
The Graph Spacing Color, Graph Spacing Transparency, Graph Spacing, and Graph Borders commands appear when you right-click the line that separates two graphs. These options change the formatting of the line.