Example of Cursor Position for Rotating Plot
Grabber Tools
Control Knobs for Lights
If you are plotting a Sheet, points, right-click the sheet inside the plot and select Sheet Properties to reveal a window for changing the sheet properties.
Sheet Properties Window
Enables you to show or hide the top or bottom of a surface. If Above only or Below only is selected, the opposite side of the surface is darkened.
Enables you to turn on or off a surface mesh, for either the X or Y directions or both. If turned on, the Mesh Color option is revealed allowing you to change the color.
The equivalent JSL command for this option is Clip Sheet( Boolean ). You can send this message to a particular response column by appending the number of the response column. For example, Clip Sheet2( 1 ) limits the range of the plot to the range of the data of the second response column. See the Scripting Index in the JMP Help menu for an example.
If you are plotting an Isosurface, right-click the surface and select Surface Properties to reveal a similar window. You can modify the surface color, opacity, and toggle a mesh.