Analytically Speaking

Don’t Waste Good Analysis on the Wrong Problem

With Michael J. A. Berry and Gordon S. Linoff

When Michael Berry and Gordon Linoff met, predictive analytics and data mining techniques were quite different than those used today. And they say that each time they revise Data Mining Techniques it’s like coming out with a whole new book because the world changes so quickly. Berry and Linoff will talk about the current data mining landscape, including new methods, new types of data and the importance of using the right analysis for your problem.

In this video:
  • Why big data doesn’t really change everything.
  • When good analysis is wasted doing the wrong thing.
  • Changes in data mining and predictive analytics over the years.
  • Using found data – text data, social data, device data.
  • How to talk about data mining to an executive without an analytics background.

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