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Data Analysis Software for the Semiconductor Industry

How JMP® Empowers the Semiconductor Industry

JMP software empowers some of the world's largest and most innovative semiconductor companies to accelerate their development timelines, and do so more predictably and at a lower cost – all without having to write a line of code.

For integration and product management

Stringing together the individual unit processes in a semiconductor workflow has its own set of analytical challenges. Compound that with fine-tuning those processes to meet the needs of the world’s most demanding customers and industries, and you get a situation where you need flexibility and easy workflows from your analytical tools. 

With JMP, you can:
  • Quickly identify potential yield improvements in new and existing products.
  • Reduce waste and excursion recovery with data-driven root cause analysis investigations.
  • Easily create interactive wafer maps.
  • Quickly get the information you need to meet customer requirements through efficient split plans.
  • Efficiently shape broad collections of data into actionable insights.
  • Present compelling data insights to decision makers and customers.

For process and equipment engineering

From troubleshooting existing processes and equipment to developing the new methods needed to support the next bleeding-edge technology, process and equipment engineers must have the flexibility to shift between goals and tasks quickly. Moreover, they must be able to work with a broad range of data types and sources and design experiments to tune processes quickly and economically. 

With JMP, you can:
  • Qualify and release new process tools into production faster, with fewer errors.
  • Design experiments to develop robust new recipes and tune existing ones.
  • Increase speed and quality of analyses by automating routine tasks.
  • Easily create interactive wafer maps.
  • Quickly identify and troubleshoot drifts or failures.
  • Efficiently monitor processes to ensure consistent quality.

For reliability 

Developing insight into how and why a device may fail years in the future is a challenging problem that requires unique understanding of device physics, statistics, probability and modeling.

With JMP, you can:
  • Quickly design test plans and define needed sample sizes.
  • Accurately simulate and forecast failure rates.
  • Present results interactively to decision makers. 
  • Create time-to-failure models that are dependent on multiple factors, such as process, voltage, temperature and frequency.

For yield and quality 

Quality engineers need to work across domains and with diverse data sets –  everything from customer acceptance to statistical process control data and everything in between. Data analysis is also necessary to locate the root cause of problems, outline corrective actions and identify improvement opportunities resulting in improved efficiency and waste reduction. 

With JMP, you can:
  • Quickly develop reports and visualizations to better identify issues before they become excursions.
  • Quickly develop efficient data collection plans to help guide investigations.
  • Guide root cause analysis investigations more efficiently using machine learning and AI models.
  • Easily create interactive wafer maps.
  • Efficiently manage and manipulate diverse data sets from a wide variety of sources.

Results achieved by JMP customers


boost in job satisfaction among engineers


“Continuously delivering value to the company – that’s what JMP® can do.”



improved process capability index

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JMP Capabilities for the Semiconductor Industry

  • Design of Experiments (DOE)

    Create custom experimental series to maximize the information you get from each wafer. 

  • Definitive Screening Design

    Optimize your process faster by getting more information out of each experimental lot than you have before. 

  • Data Mining

    Leverage machine learning, AI and classic data mining techniques to find hidden insights and quickly identify potential root causes of problems.

  • Data Visualization

    JMP links dynamic graphics with powerful statistics to interactively share findings. Explore your data without leaving the analysis flow or having to rerun commands as new questions arise.

  • Quality and Capability Analysis

    Leverage the Process Screening platform in JMP – our quality dashboard – to quickly determine which variables require attention and identify out-of-control events before they become excursions. 

  • Explore Patterns

    Investigate data integrity by more efficiently identifying unexpected patterns in data, even with large data sets.