Analytically Speaking

Hear From Design of Experiments Thought Leaders

With Dennis K.J. Lin and Bradley Jones

Their work has had a great impact on DOE practitioners and has been recognized with countless accolades. Dennis Lin has received the Faculty Scholar Medal Award at Penn State and both the William G. Hunter Award and the Shewhart Medal from the American Society for Quality (ASQ). Bradley Jones has also won many awards, including the American Statistical Association’s (ASA) Statistics in Chemistry award, as well as the ASQ’s Brumbaugh Award and Lloyd S. Nelson Award. Both are elected Fellows of the ASA and have delivered distinguished lectures, including the Loutit Address for the Statistical Society of Canada.

In this video:
  • Holding a world record in random number generation.
  • The growth of Bayesian D-optimal designs over the past decade.
  • How Lin rekindled an interest in supersaturated designs.
  • Jones’ recent work on definitive screening designs.
  • Encouraging students to monitor trends in analytic methods.
  • Memories of the late statistician George Box.

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