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This collection of case studies illustrate the application of statistical tools to real-world problems. Each case provides background information, a task, data, complete JMP illustrations, a summary of statistical insights and implications, and exercises.

Each case study includes a PDF and one or more data sets. Click on a category to view and download a particular case study, or use the links below to download all case studies at once.

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About the cases

There are two sets of case studies. Business-oriented case studies were developed with Marlene Smith at the UC Denver Business School. Statistically-oriented case studies were developed with Dewayne Derryberry from the Idaho State University Math Dept.

Interested in contributing? If you'd like to share a case study that is useful in teaching statistical concepts, please contact us, or consider posting your materials on the JMP Academic Community.

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Instructor resources and solutions for some case studies are available upon request.

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