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Led by SAS Education instructors, these courses combine lectures, software demonstrations, question-and-answer sessions and hands-on computer workshops for an interactive learning experience. You can sign up for courses at a 20% discount when you register for the conference.  

JMP® Software: Modern Screening Designs

Date/Time: Monday, 20 March, 9:00-17:00 – Tuesday, 21 March, 9:00-17:00
Location: SAS Czech Republic Office
Instructor: Di Michelson
Conference Attendee Price: €880 plus VAT

Course Description: This advanced course presents strategies and methods for designing experiments to screen many factors in an optimal study, as well as several specialized analytical tools that respect the limited information available in such experiments. This course is designed to help scientists and engineers choose an appropriate technique for their particular situation.

You will learn how to assess the complexity of the situation in terms of the number of factors and the number and nature of terms in the model as a guide to selecting a method to design the screening experiment and analyze the empirical evidence.

Laptops will be provided.

Learn how to:   
  • Recognize situations that benefit from a screening experiment.
  • Make a fractional factorial design or Plackett-Burman design.
  • Make an orthogonal or near-orthogonal array or a definitive screening design.
  • Make a Bayesian D-optimal design or split-plot design with custom design.
  • Identify situations where each of the screening designs might be most useful.
  • Identify likely effects in the response using the effect screening emphasis and tools in the Fit Least Squares platform or the Screening platform.
  • Select a model using the Stepwise platform with forward selection or All Possible Models under the heredity restriction.  

Who Should Attend: Advanced JMP analysts who need to screen many factors through experimentation.

JMP® Software: Reliability Analysis for Non-Repairable Systems

Date/Time: Monday, 20 March, 9:00-17:00
Location: SAS Czech Republic Office
Instructor: Mark Bailey
Conference Attendee Price: €480 plus VAT

Course Description: This course is for anyone who needs to analyze data about how long an object (reliability) or person (survival) operates within acceptable parameters (time to event). The course is presented using manufacturing examples, but those interested in survival analysis or studying recidivism will also find the course useful.

Participants must bring their own laptops.

Learn how to:
  • Distinguish unique characteristics of life data.
  • Compute non-parametric (Kaplan-Meier product-limit) estimates of failure probability.
  • Fit distribution models specific to life data.
  • Estimate reliability or survival measures and hazard.
  • Estimate survival in the presence of competing causes.
  • Use parametric survival models to estimate effects of covariates or experimental factors.
  • Design an accelerated life test.  

Who Should Attend: Engineers, scientists, researchers, and analysts who perform reliability, survival or recidivism studies.

Training Venue
  • SAS Czech Republic Office
  • Na Pankráci 17-19
  • 140 21 Praha 4
  • IČO 26122529

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