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Led by the developers of JMP, these 90-minute tutorials are a rare opportunity for you to go in-depth on specific topics with the experts themselves. You’ll learn about some of the core tenets of JMP and see the software in action. You can sign up for tutorials when you register for the conference. All sessions are €100.

Wrangling All Your Data With Query Builder in JMP® 13

Date/Time: Tuesday, 21 March, 8:30 – 10:00
Developer: Eric Hill, JMP Principal Systems Developer, SAS
Location: Valtice, Prague Marriott Hotel

Tutorial Description: JMP 12 saw the addition of the Query Builder, a tool designed to vastly improve the experience of retrieving data from relational databases into JMP in analysis-ready form. In JMP 13, we have gone a step further: Query Builder can now be used to manipulate your JMP data tables. So, whether your data is coming from Excel, text files, a relational database, JMP data tables, or all of the above, Query Builder can now be your one tool for managing and bringing together all of this data. This tutorial will demonstrate several scenarios to help you get started and achieve proficiency.

Fitting Definitive Screening Designs (DSDs), Taking Advantage of Their Structure

Date/Time: Tuesday, 21 March, 8:30 – 10:00
Developer: Bradley Jones, JMP Principal Research Fellow, SAS
Location: Karlštejn, Prague Marriott Hotel

Tutorial Description: DSDs were introduced in 2011 and quickly became popular due to their many desirable features. One such feature is that the main effects of DSDs are uncorrelated with each other and also uncorrelated to all two-factor interactions and quadratic effects. Taking advantage of this structural feature of DSDs allows for fitting them in two independent steps. This tutorial provides a “peek into the black box” of this new fitting method that is built in for JMP 13. We will provide an add-in for attendees using earlier versions of JMP.

Creating Effective Visualizations Using Graph Builder

Date/Time: Tuesday, 21 March, 10:30 – 12:00
Developer: Xan Gregg, JMP Director of Research and Development, SAS
Location: Valtice, Prague Marriott Hotel

Tutorial Description: This tutorial will teach basic through advanced use of JMP Graph Builder, both from an exploration perspective and a presentation perspective. We will start with the basic components: variables, roles, elements, legends, scales, and the properties of each, as well as how these components work together. We’ll cover common visualizations (points, lines and bars) and their variations, as well as specialized visualizations including filtered views, geographic maps, heat maps, contours, overlays and small multiples. From there, we’ll cover how to create rich displays within Graph Builder by reshaping data and combining graphic elements.

Integrated Process Improvement Using the Second-Generation Quality Tools in JMP®

Date/Time: Tuesday, 21 March, 10:30  – 12:00
Developer: Laura Lancaster, JMP Principal Research Statistician Developer, SAS
Location: Karlštejn, Prague Marriott Hotel

Tutorial Description: The second-generation quality tools in JMP – Control Chart Builder, Process Capability, Measurement Systems Analysis and Process Screening – were designed with an integrative philosophy to make quality analysis easier and more effective. For example, the new Process Capability platform was designed to reflect the type of control chart used in the statistical process control program, and a capability report was added inside of the Control Chart Builder. Similarly, the Shift Detection Profiler in the Measurement Systems Analysis platform allows quality engineers to make informed decisions about how to design their control chart methodology, taking into account their measurement system so they are alerted to process changes as quickly as possible. Understanding how your measurement system, statistical process control program and process capability assessments fit together is key to improving and maintaining quality. The software’s unique design philosophy makes this simple and straightforward. Additionally, the ability to quickly screen large numbers of processes for stability with the new Process Screening platform will save time, reduce workload and improve quality. This tutorial will use a case study to show how to use each of these platforms with an integrated process improvement approach.

Building Dashboards and Applications

Date/Time: Tuesday, 21 March, 13:00 – 14:30
Developer: Dan Schikore, JMP Principal Software Developer, SAS
Location: Valtice, Prague Marriott Hotel

Tutorial Description: This tutorial will take you through the process of combining multiple reports using JSL or the JMP Application Builder, so that the process can be repeated on the same or different data tables. You will learn how to enhance your application using data filters and parameterization, as well as manage your end-to-end workflow with import from sources such as the SQL Query Builder and output to interactive HTML. You will also learn about the new dashboard features in JMP 13, with summary report views and drag-and-drop arrangement of live reports.

Variable Selection Made Easy Using the Generalized Regression Platform in JMP® Pro

Date/Time: Tuesday, 21 March, 13:00 – 14:30
Developer: Clay Barker, JMP Senior Research Statistician Developer, SAS
Location: Karlštejn, Prague Marriott Hotel

Tutorial Description: Variable selection is the process of selecting a subset of relevant variables or predictors to use in modeling the response. It is a crucial task that yields simpler models that generalize better to new data, but it does not have to be a difficult process. The Generalized Regression ("Genreg") platform in JMP Pro enables you to do variable selection quickly, easily and interactively in a variety of settings (including least squares, logistic and Poisson regression). We will review the variable selection techniques available within Genreg (forward selection, Lasso and more) and then look at how the platform makes these techniques easy to employ. Examples will range from designed experiments to predictive modeling.

Text Explorer: JMP® Makes Analyzing Text Data Fun and Easy   

Date/Time: Tuesday, 21 March, 15:00 – 16:30
Developer: Chris Gotwalt, JMP Director of Statistical Research and Development, SAS
Location: Valtice, Prague Marriott Hotel

Tutorial Description: The new Text Explorer platform in JMP 13 and JMP Pro 13 opens the door to new insights, providing an easy-to-use platform for discovery via text. Our mission for JMP 13 was to make Text Explorer a powerful tool that is accessible to as wide an audience as possible. The result is a unique approach to text analysis that can be learned fairly quickly by anyone already familiar with JMP. We break the process of analyzing text analysis into three phases: feature creation, exploration and modeling. In the first phase, feature creation, we will clean up text data, correct misspellings and identify the key phrases to be used as terms in the analysis. In the second phase, text exploration, we will use high-performance analytical techniques such as Singular Value Decomposition and Latent Class Analysis, both of which are built into the Text Explorer platform, to find patterns, identify themes and cluster similar documents. In the third phase, we will use text scoring in JMP Pro to save prediction formulas from the text analysis back to the data table, unleashing the rest of the analysis and visualization capabilities in JMP Pro. We will build predictive models and perform custom sentiment analyses that use the data to determine which words and phrases are predictive of outcomes like purchasing behavior, review ratings and future problems with products. Overall, text analysis concepts will be familiar to those with a modeling background, although the names are often different. As much as possible, we will translate text analysis concepts into terms commonly used in traditional analysis. With simple, easy-to-understand examples, we will tackle progressively larger problems to clearly illustrate the fundamental ideas of text analysis and demonstrate Text Explorer’s capabilities. 

Using JSL to Develop Efficient, Robust Applications

Date/Time: Tuesday, 21 March, 15:00 – 16:30
Developer: Joseph Morgan, JMP Senior Research Statistician Developer, SAS
Location: Karlštejn, Prague Marriott Hotel

Tutorial Description: This tutorial will focus on JSL constructs that can prove invaluable when developing efficient, robust, production-ready applications. These include expression handling functions, xpath support, namespaces and others. The ideas will be illustrated with examples that the instructor has collected over the past 10 years as he has worked with a wide cross section of JSL users.

Event Venue
  • Discovery Summit Europe
  • 21-23 March 2017
  • Prague Marriott Hotel
  • V Celnici 8
  • 110 00 Praha, Czech Republic

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