Course Materials

Statistical Genetics and Genomics

The materials linked below will be applicable to a course in statistical genomics.

The Essentials

Step-by-Step Guides

Take a Deeper Dive on Select Topics​​

Provide step-by-step instructions and short videos to help your students learn how to do common statistical and graphical analyses in JMP.​

In-Depth Webinars

Explore webinars specifically designed for faculty & students​

Live and on-demand webinars to expand your JMP knowledge.​ Topics span basics to advanced.

Instructions, Examples, and More

Resources to Aid Your Learning

Find blog posts, worked examples, and many resources to help you use JMP Genomics.

Applets and Add-Ins​

Teaching Apps & Basic Stats Calculators

Simple applets provide everything you need to illustrate core statistical concepts, including regression least squares, correlation, and p-values.

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