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Why enterprise organizations choose JMP®

With JMP, organizations are empowered to use data as a strategic resource – keeping innovation at the center of their business and driving value throughout the enterprise.

As a leader in statistical discovery software that has helped hundreds of organizations achieve analytic excellence, JMP knows how adopting analytics broadly can have a direct impact on efficiency and top-line growth.

Adding value in all areas of your organization


Confidence in business decisions supported by data
  • Put the right information into the right hands at the right time.
  • Maintain a single version of the truth across the organization.
  • Democratize data for a thriving culture of analytics.

Build analytics excellence


Ability to scale data-driven decisions faster
  • Get to market faster with consistent processes. 
  • Improve efficiency, transparency and communication.
  • Deliver statistically valid, data-driven support for business needs. 

Build analytics excellence

Scientists and Engineers

Rapid innovation with analyses you can trust
  • Save time with the complete analytic workflow in one self-service platform.
  • Use modern, cutting-edge modeling techniques with ease.
  • Increase the speed of analysis by automating manual tasks.
  • Customize analysis steps for your unique business needs.

Data to insight in a self-service platform

Data Managers and IT

Simple self-service
  • Access data from nearly any existing data source. 
  • Easily install desktop software with industry-standard deployments.
  • Give teams access to independent, self-service and autonomous data analysis.
  • Consolidate redundant tools that solve the same problem.

Access data from many sources

The introduction of JMP across STMicroelectronics has been a very powerful complement to our talent development.

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Thermo Fisher’s leadership has prioritized increasing domain experts’ access to the statistical toolkit they need, and over the last two years, progress has really accelerated.
Thermo Fisher Scientific

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JMP enables knowledge discovery across our entire business.... The applications are endless.

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Licensing JMP® for the Enterprise

  • Access to a bundle of premium JMP products
  • Efficient license and invoice management
  • Standardize across your organiztion
  • Accelerated journey to analytic excellence