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Filling the analytics skills gap by bringing academia and industry together

JMP® Academic-Industry Network

The JMP Academic-Industry Program helps to bridge the gap between academia and industry by building an awareness and an understanding of the importance of statistical thinking.

Featured Story

Oklahoma State University

A unique business analytics master’s program takes a cue from industry partners to teach students about the real-world applications of data science.
Year after year, OSU continues to achieve strong post-graduation job placement. With a robust and balanced statistical and business education, graduates of OSU’s Master of Science in Business Analytics program are ready to hit the ground running in industry careers.

Read the story.

Demand for data scientist continues to skyrocket.


growth in data science roles

Bureau of Labor Statistics

“Three times more job postings than job searches"

quanthub, 2020 report


Average base salary, data scientist


JMP is the tool of choice for hundreds of thousands of data explorers.

Land that dream job in analytics

JMP is the tool of choice at top companies around the world and is used by hundreds of thousands of data professionals in a wide variety of industries. Thousands of jobs every year list JMP skills as their required or preferred analytical tool.

Here's a sampling of current job listings looking for candidates with JMP skills:

  • JMP is the perfect tool to teach the complex theory of Predictive Modeling. With JMP’s easy-to-use yet robust point and click interface, I can focus on the methodology and theory of data prep and modeling. Students don’t get bogged down with debugging code. Instead, they can go deep into the process and theory that’s required knowledge in any future data analytics role.
    Jennifer Eigo, Professor, University of Connecticut
  • As an industry-focused graduate program, we want the best return on investment for both our students and their employers. JMP is an easy choice because it makes our students more competitive in the job market and more productive at work, with the added bonus of making learning statistics and design of experiments more fun!"
    Fuding Lin, Semiconductors Track Manager, Knight Campus Graduate Internship Program at University of Oregon
  • I’m a chemist, not a statistician, and I’ve come to really appreciate how JMP makes things so quick and easy.
    Jim Dailey, Global Technical Key Account Manager, BASF

Bringing academia and industry together

Connecting academia with industry

Students around the world are using their JMP skills to open career opportunities, negotiate higher starting salares, and land their dream job. Check out these examples of universities who are preparing their students for amazing careers in industry.

University of Oregon

An innovative master's program serves as a launchpad for young scientists, propeling them to success in industry careers. Read the story.

Cranfield University

Students learn how to transform data into insights that drive successful segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies. Read the story.

Chalmers University

Students jump-start their careers in industry with coursework in data methods & Six Sigma. Read the story.

Connecting industry with academia

JMP is used by companies across the globe, in just about every industry. Here's a small sampling of organizations who employing students and early-career professionals who possess JMP skills.

Dow Chemical

At Dow, JMP is an essential tool for analyzing. presenting, and sharing data with colleagues and customers alike. Read the story.


How one manager helped up-skill the workforce at NVIDIA by integrating a free statistical analysis online learning resource. Read the story.


In an in-house training program based on JMP has helped DuPont extract maximum value from its state-of-the-art digital factories. Read the story.

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Learn how the JMP Academic Program connects faculty, researchers and students with resources to build their analytical skills.​