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JMP® Licensing for Students

Hundreds of universities license JMP Pro. Check our list below or your campus software website to see if JMP Pro is available at your university. You will find versions for Windows and Mac or access it virtually with JMP for the Cloud. If your campus does not have access, the JMP Student single-user 12-month license is ideal for students who need their own copy for a course.

Your university may have a license

Licensing Options

JMP Pro Access Through Your University

Many universities license JMP® Pro for student use

JMP Pro contains our most complete suite of analytics tools appropriate for introductory to advanced grad level courses.  Courses in Data Science, Predictive Modeling and Machine Learning, Linear models and generalized regression, Structural Equation Models, Functional Data Analysis and more will likely need JMP Pro. Your university may already have a license for JMP Pro! 

Check your software or IT page to look for JMP. Some schools may list JMP under "Statistical Software." Because JMP is a part of SAS company, these software offerings may be listed together, so check the downloads listed under "SAS" if you do not find it under "JMP."

JMP Student Subscription License

Single-user 12-month student license

JMP Student Subscription is a free classroom version of JMP software for both Windows and Mac that provides all the statistical analysis and graphical tools covered in introductory and many intermediate level courses.

JMP Student is based on the standard version of JMP (not JMP Pro). The software is available as a single-user 12-month license and offered for classroom use (students and instructors only). JMP also provides educators and students with teaching and learning resources including step-by-step guides, enhanced data sets, case studies and on-demand webinars and learning modules from our STIPS course. 

Visit the JMP Student Subscriptions page for details, or see a listing of textbooks.

The JMP® family of products, designed to meet diverse academic needs:

  • JMP Pro

    JMP Pro includes all of the features of JMP, plus exact tests, bootstrapping, and advanced modeling techniques used in research methods, data mining, and predictive modeling courses.

  • JMP Clinical

    JMP Clinical combines JMP Pro and JMP add-ins to simplify and facilitate data discovery, analysis and reporting in clinical trials.

  • JMP Student Subscription

    JMP Student Subscription (formerly known as JMP Student Edition) is designed to meet the needs of introductory and most intermediate statistics courses offered at secondary and post-secondary academic institutions.

    Note: There is no direct student purchase option for JMP Pro or JMP Clinical. For students to access these products, your university must purchase the license as an Academic Suite.