Bryan Yan

Vice President and General Manager, JMP Asia

Bryan Yan is the Vice President and General Manager of JMP Asia for JMP Statistical Discovery LLC, a subsidiary of SAS that provides interactive and highly visual statistical discovery software designed for scientists and engineers. As Vice President, Bryan founded JMP Asia-Pacific and launched subsidiaries in various countries throughout the region. Over the course of his career, Bryan has helped countless individuals and organizations change the world for the better by turning data into intelligence through advanced data analytics.

Prior to joining JMP, Bryan held a number of leadership positions, including Channel Manager at SAP, Director of Sales at a leading ERP software vendor, and as a Senior Product Sales Manager at Hewlett Packard.

In addition to his role at JMP, Bryan worked with the Ministry of Education and served as Industry Expert for the Steering Committee of MAS (Master of Applied Statistics) Program of MOE. He had also held adjunct professorships and teaching roles at several universities across the AP region.