While some companies have successfully adopted lean techniques in their manufacturing processes, when it comes to product development many still rely on a largely trial-and-error practice of “design, build, test, repeat.”

This is a recipe for long development times, costly rework cycles and a lack of innovation.

Applying lean principles to product development can help reorient development processes around the goal of launching profitable, defect-free products on time. But achieving that goal requires the ability to learn much faster and more efficiently.

In this 20-minute webinar, Jason Wiggins demonstrates how design of experiments (DOE) can serve as the engine to help you quickly generate the knowledge needed to deliver profitable value streams. Through multiple examples and a detailed case study, you will learn:

  • Why lean product development objectives are worth pursuing but often challenging to achieve.
  • How to use DOE techniques to accelerate learning, tease out cause-and-effect relationships, and balance tradeoffs between multiple variables and important outcomes such as quality characteristics and performance attributes.
  • How successfully employing DOE in lean product development can help you consistently deliver world-class products and achieve competitive differentiation.

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