JMP data visualization illustration - bubble plot

JMP® Software

JMP empowers users to explore and analyze data visually, solve critical problems and then share those insights to make stronger data-driven decisions. Unlike spreadsheets or other statistical software, JMP is designed for the way you solve problems across the entire analytic workflow.


Data is better explored visually. 

The data analysis tool of choice that scientists and engineers rely on for powerful analytic capabilities. Interactive, visual statistical analysis software - all in one seamless end-to-end analytic platform, no coding required.

JMP Pro 

All the power. None of the complexity. 

Extend the value of JMP to solve bigger and more challenging analytic problems with the latest data science techniques, including predictive modeling and machine learning. Harness the power of best-in-class analysis performance while maintaining the flexibility of desktop software.

JMP Live 

Discovery, delivered. 

JMP Live changes how discoveries are shared within organizations, amplifying findings that drive a culture of data-driven decisions. JMP Live is the one place to share analyses from JMP to a centralized hub of innovation.

JMP Clinical 

Ensure trial safety and efficacy.

Rapidly identify trends and outliers, detect hidden safety and efficacy issues, and perform medical monitoring, data integrity validation and statistical analyses - all with the click of a button.

Go beyond the ordinary with JMP software.

Spreadsheets aren't enough. 

Your time is too valuable. Your work is too important. The cost of failure is too high to rely on basic spreadsheet software for your analytic needs. With JMP you are able to continually build, iterate and improve your analyses all within a singular workflow. Easily spot trends and outliers with JMP's point and click interactivity to avoid basic, common mistakes.

When free is anything

Open source tools have value, but also have a cost. They often aren't the most efficient way to solve novel problems, don't provide expert support and are less suited to explore data interactively. With JMP, get started solving problems instantly and focus on your domain expertise rather than the burden of learning code. 

Flexibility without compromise. 

Easy buttons aren't often the best solution for your most critical problems. However, with JMP's deep statistical analysis tools coupled with it's intuitive, interactive visualizations, you are empowered to solve both routine and complex problems in order to keep you and your business moving in the right direction.  

The best discoveries start with JMP.