Do you need an efficient way to determine which process changes will yield the greatest gains? Has your organization outgrown one-factor-at-a-time experimentation? In the rush to get answers, are you forced to cut corners, limiting your understanding of the real drivers of process robustness, effectiveness and efficiency? Is the time devoted to attempts at problem-solving curtailing opportunities for innovation and process improvement?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, or if you have insufficient data to address these questions, we invite you to register for this episode of Technically Speaking.

In this webinar case study, a specialty chemicals supplier is struggling to manufacture enough pigment at the required specifications to meet customer demand. Their current process is affecting throughput because of its slow, costly and energy-intensive nature. Find out how they come up with a more efficient process.

Key learning points covered:
  • The evolution of DOE.
  • Why DOE is important.
  • When to apply DOE.
  • How to apply DOE.

Register now for this free webinar.

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