"For scientists and engineers design of experiments enables a better exploration of the experimental space. It enables them to get a more robust solution, and to have a better trust in their results. […] It enables production teams to always have the same quality consistency for their products. To make sure that the products produced are robust to input variation. "

- Victor Guiller (L'Oréal)

There are many benefits from making your products, processes, and measurement systems robust to variation in the inputs – whether they be process settings, material properties, or technician/operator instructions. These beneficial outcomes include greater consistency of the product, higher product quality, lower ongoing costs, and greater flexibility to adapt as material or process inputs need to change.

You’ll learn ways of designing new products, developing new processes, improving existing processes, developing new and improving current measurement systems so they can tolerate as much variation as possible in incoming material, processing, and operating characteristics.

You’ll also hear a case study and a discussion with industry leaders who will discuss the barriers to adoption, how to overcome them, and how to implement the methods.  

  • Victor Guiller,  Scientific Expertise Engineer, L’Oréal will share his experience using Design of Experiments
  • Stuart Little, JMP Systems Engineer about DOE for Quality improvement
  • Martin Demel, JMP Senior Systems Engineer about the impact of using the Design Space Profiler

The key takeaways you’ll leave here with will be an understanding of:

1)      How variability inherent in our products or processes puts our business objectives at risk.

2)      How existing processes can be made more robust to changes in critical inputs, such as material.

3)      The various ways to design tolerance to change and robustness directly into new products and processes.

4)      The benefits of doing this – greater consistency and flexibility, higher quality, lower costs – and how to start implementing these methods yourselves.

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