Built for statistical empowerment

Built for statistical empowerment.

JMP is powerful statistical software designed with scientists and engineers in mind, but ideal for anyone solving problems with data.  Packed with tools for data preparation, analysis, graphing, and so much more, JMP has everything you and your organization need to be truly unstoppable with data.

Statistics made visual, powerful, and approachable. 

JMP makes it easy to take on the most complex data challenges. Its simple, interactive interface lets you take your productivity further, and with no code required, there are no obstacles between you and any analysis or graph you want to create.


Get insights faster. Get home earlier.

Your time matters. With JMP's extensive suite of capabilities and code-free automation, you can quickly go from raw data to actionable insight—all within one streamlined, self-service platform.


Maximize your potential.

Realizing potential requires the right support. With JMP, no matter where you are in your analytic journey, you have a partner in life-long learning. Our user community, support experts and learning resources are purpose-built to empower anyone looking to start, build, advance, or apply their skills with data.

Learn and support

Drive industry advancement.

Industries with a high product and process innovation rate have complex problems to solve. With JMP, scientists and engineers in these industries can propel their organizations to the forefront of the market with the right data, clear analysis, and quick results.


Go beyond the ordinary with JMP software.

Spreadsheets aren't enough.

Your time is too valuable. Your work is too important. The cost of failure is too high to rely on basic spreadsheet software for your analytic needs. With JMP you are able to continually build, iterate and improve your analyses all within a singular workflow. Easily spot trends and outliers with JMP's point and click interactivity to avoid basic, common mistakes.

When free is anything but.

Open source tools have value, but they also have a cost. They aren't usually the most efficient way to solve novel problems, they don't provide expert support, and they aren’t often the best to explore data interactively.  With JMP, start solving problems instantly rather than wrestling with code, and remain confident that the decisions you make with data are based on a solid foundation.


Flexibility without compromise. 

Easy buttons aren't often the best solution for your most critical problems. However, with JMP's deep statistical analysis tools coupled with it's intuitive, interactive visualizations, you are empowered to solve both routine and complex problems in order to keep you and your business moving in the right direction.  

Accelerate your career growth with a strong statistical foundation.

Statistical Thinking for Industrial Problem Solving (STIPS), a free, online statistics course — developed by educators, statisticians and industry experts — is designed to empower you to solve problems with statistical methods more effectively in real-world, industrial situations.

Free Online Statistics Course

JMP is an enabler. You can see how they've actually engineered the software to meet your needs – it’s second to none.

Murata Finland
Philip O'Leary, Data Integration Manager

The best discoveries start with JMP.