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Machine Learning for Business Analytics, 2nd Edition

Concepts, Techniques and Applications with JMP Pro

Companion Site

This page provides a link to request data sets, slides and exercise solutions, along with access to useful resources for teaching analytics and predictive modeling.

Request data and instructor materials

Additional resources

Request Data and Instructor Materials:

To request access to the data sets, or to request the full instructor materials (data sets, slides, and exercise solutions), please use this form:  Request Data or Instructor Materials.


Links to Useful Resources:

  • Live and recorded webinars for getting started with JMP, data analysis, graphics, data preparation, and modeling.
  • JMP Case Study Library: Business-oriented and analytics case studies, from basic graphics to multiple linear and logistic regression, classification and regression trees, neural networks, and model validation and selection.
  • JMP Learning Library: One page guides and short videos on a number of topics.


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