You can plot the raw data for Y variables, or you can plot as many statistics as you want on the y-axis. The Statistics menu in the Chart launch window lists the available statistics. To specify the y-axis, highlight one or more numeric columns in the Select Columns list and select from the list of statistics. If all the statistics requested are counting statistics (for example, N) for the same column, that column is used as the category variable.
The statistics in the Chart platform are the same as those computed by statistical platforms in the Analyze menu and the Summary command in the Tables menu. The following statistics are available:
The percentage of the total number of rows represented by each level of the Categories, X, Levels variable. If summary statistics are requested on a continuous variable, then the % of Total equals the proportion of the sum represented by each level of the Categories, X, Levels variable.
The sum of all values in a column assigned as Weight. Also used instead of N to compute other statistics. Chart shows the sum of the weight variable for each level of a categorical variable.
The standard error of the mean of each level of a categorical variable. It is the standard deviation, Std Dev, divided by the square root of N for each level. If a column is assigned a weight variable, then the denominator is the square root of the sum of the weights.
Divides a data set so that n% of the data is below the nth quantile. To compute a specific quantile, enter the quantile value in the box located in the lower left of the Chart launch window before requesting Quantile from the menu.
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