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Using JMP > JMP Reports > Customize Hover Labels
Publication date: 07/30/2020

Customize Hover Labels

When you hover over a visual element in a graph, usually you see a basic description of the data point in a hover label. You can customize what appears in the hover label as follows:

Add interactive graphs or images using graphlets.

See Add Graphs or Images to Hover Labels.

Add formatted text using textlets.

See Add Rich Text to Hover Labels.

Add, remove, or update names and values using gridlets.

See Update Hover Label Grid Entries.

Learn more about using the Hover Label Editor.

See Edit Hover Labels.

Update names and values in hover labels, or add labels to graphs.

See Add Images from Data Tables to Hover Labels.

Add images from data tables.

See Add Images from Data Tables to Hover Labels.

Pin hover labels on graphs.

See Pin Hover Labels on a Graph.

Figure 9.40 Examples of Graphs, Text, Names, and Values in Hover Labels 

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