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Publication date: 07/30/2020

Response Limits

Using the Response Limits column property, you can specify the following:

bounds on the range of variation for a response

a desirability goal

a measure of the importance of the response

desirability values

The Response Limits column property defines a desirability function for the response. The Profiler and Contour Profiler use desirability functions to find optimal factor settings. See Profiler in Profilers.

Figure A.3 shows the Response Limits panel in the Column Info window for the response Stretch in the Bounce sample data table, found in the Design Experiment folder.

Figure A.3 Example of the Response Limits Panel 

The Response Limits panel consists of the following areas:


Select your response goal from the menu. Available goals are Maximize, Match Target, Minimize, and None. JMP defines a desirability function for the response to match the selected goal. If you specify limits, the desirability function is defined using these limits. If you do not specify limits, JMP bases the desirability function on conservative limit values derived from the distribution of the response. If None is selected as the goal, then all response values are considered equally desirable. See also Responses in the Custom Designs section.


Enter a relative weighting for each of several responses in computing the overall desirability function. The Importance value can be any positive number. When no Importance value is specified, JMP treats all responses in a given analysis as having equal Importance values. If there is only one response, it receives Importance 1.


Specify Lower and Upper limits and a Middle value for your response. JMP uses these values to construct a desirability function for the response. If you do not specify limits, JMP bases the desirability function on conservative limit values. If your goal is Match Target and no Middle value is specified, then the target is defined to be the midpoint of the Lower and Upper limits.


Specify values that reflect the desirability of your Lower, Middle, and Upper values. Desirability values should be between 0 and 1. If you do not specify Desirability values, JMP assigns values in accordance with the selected Goal.

Show as Graph Reference Lines

Shows horizontal reference lines for the Lower, Middle, and Upper values in the Actual by Predicted Plot and the Prediction Profiler. This option applies only if limits are specified.

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