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Publication date: 07/30/2020


Explore Cross Sections of Responses across Each Factor

The Prediction Profiler gives you a wealth of information about your model. Use the Prediction Profiler to do the following:

See how your prediction model changes as you change settings of individual factors.

Set desirability goals for your response or responses, and find optimal settings for your factors.

Gauge your model’s sensitivity to changes in the factors, where sensitivity is based on your predictive model.

Assess the importance of your factors relative to model predictions, in a way that is independent of the model.

Simulate your response distribution based on specified distributions for both factors and responses, and control various aspects of the appearance of the profiler.

Figure 3.1 Prediction Profiler for Four Responses with Simulator and Importance Coloring 


Example of the Prediction Profiler

Launch the Prediction Profiler Platform

Prediction Profiler Options

Desirability Profiling and Optimization

Construction of Desirability Functions
How to Use the Desirability Function
The Desirability Profile
Customized Desirability Functions

Assess Variable Importance


Additional Examples of the Prediction Profiler

Example of Desirability Profiling for Multiple Responses
Example of a Noise Factor in the Prediction Profiler
Example of Variable Importance for One Response
Example of Variable Importance for Multiple Responses
Example of Bagging to Improve Prediction
Example of Bagging to Indicate the Accuracy of Predictions

Statistical Details for the Prediction Profiler

Assess Variable Importance
Propagation of Error Bars
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