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Publication date: 07/30/2020


Use the Size element to scale map shapes according to the size variable, minimizing distortion.

Figure 12.8 Example of After Dragging Population to Size 

Customizing Graphs

To change colors and transparency for a map, right-click the color bar in the legend. The right-click options vary, depending on whether the color variable is continuous or categorical (nominal or ordinal). However, for both types of variables, you can change the transparency.

To change the transparency of a graph:

1. Right-click the color of the variable level on the color bar that you want to change and select Transparency.

2. Specify the transparency between 0 (clear) and 1 (opaque).

3. Click OK.

You can also change the transparency of images (for example, Simple Earth and Detailed Earth). To set the transparency, right-click over the graph and select Customize.... This brings up the Customize Graph window, where you can select the Background Map and assign a value for transparency. A valid value for transparency goes from 0.0 (completely transparent) to 1.0 (completely opaque). Within Graph Builder, you can also right-click over the graph and select Graph > Transparency.

Categorical (nominal or ordinal) variables use a singular coloring system, where each level of the variable is colored differently.

To change the color of one of the variable levels:

1. Right-click the color of the variable level that you want to change and select Fill Color.

2. Select the new color.

Continuous variables use a color gradient.

To change the color theme:

1. Right-click the color bar and select Gradient.

2. In the Gradient Settings window, select a different Color Theme.

Graphs consist of markers, lines, text, and other graphical elements that you can customize. If you right-click an image, there are several options for working with the graph. The options differ based on what you clicked. See Gradient Settings in the Graph Builder section and Customize Markers, Lines, Text, and More in Using JMP. Below are a few options.

Figure 12.9 Right-click Menu for Graphics 

Map Shapes:

Change To - Provides options for changing the map into another graph type.

Summary Statistics - Provides options for changing the statistic being plotted.

Show Missing Shapes - Shows or hides missing data from a map (turned off by default). Missing Shape means that there are some shape names that exist in the map file but not in the data table for analysis.

Remove - Removes the current map shape.

Customize - You can change the properties of the graph such as contents, grid lines, or reference lines. The graphical elements that you can customize differ for each graph. Select Background Map to change the transparency of a background map or Map Shape to change the line color, line style and width, fill color, missing shape fill or missing value fill. Click Help in the Customize Graph window for a more detailed explanation of the customize options.

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