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Quality and Process Methods > Variability Gauge Charts
Publication date: 07/30/2020

Variability Gauge Charts

Evaluate a Continuous Measurement Process Using Gauge R&R

Variability gauge charts analyze continuous measurements and can reveal how your measurement system is performing. You can also perform a gauge study to see measures of variation in your data.

Tip: This chapter covers only variability charts. For more information about attribute charts, see Attribute Gauge Charts.

Figure 5.1 Example of a Variability Chart 


Overview of Variability Charts

Example of a Variability Chart

Launch the Variability/Attribute Gauge Chart Platform

Data Format

The Variability Gauge Chart

Variability Gauge Platform Options

Heterogeneity of Variance Tests
Variance Components
About the Gauge R&R Method
Gauge R&R Option
Discrimination Ratio
Misclassification Probabilities
Bias Report
Linearity Study

Additional Examples of Variability Charts

Example of the Heterogeneity of Variance Test
Example of the Bias Report Option

Statistical Details for Variability Charts

Statistical Details for Variance Components
Statistical Details for the Discrimination Ratio
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