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Publication date: 08/13/2020

About Importing Google Sheets

Information that Google uses to authenticate your account is stored in C:/Users/<user name>/AppData/Roaming/SAS/JMP/ (Your Google password is encrypted.) This enables you to import and export data using the same Google account without providing the authentication information again. Note that a user with access to your computer’s user account has access to all of your Google spreadsheets. If they contain confidential information, reconsider sharing your user account. is not required for your account name. However, if you do use it, <user name> and <user name> are treated as separate accounts. You must enter the authentication code for both accounts when importing or exporting.

If other users have access to your computer’s user account, they can copy to their computer and import your spreadsheets.

Note: In Google Sheets, you can select File > Publish to the web to publish the sheet for an audience to view. In this case, the link to the published sheet includes the pubhtml suffix. Use File > Internet Open to open these sheets. See Import SPSS Files.

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