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Publication date: 11/29/2021

Google Sheet Settings

Change the following settings, if necessary, and then click Import to import the sheet data.

Sheet contains column headers

Select if the worksheet contains rows with column headers.

Column headers start on row

Indicates which row the column headers begin on in the worksheet. Click the up arrow Image shown here until the headers begin on the correct row, or enter the row number and press Enter.

Data starts on row

Indicates which row the data start on in the worksheet.

Select Sheets to Open

Deselect any sheets you don’t want to import by pressing Ctrl and clicking a sheet.

Advanced Options

Cell Range

Imports cells within the specified range (for example, G5:G17).

Import cell colors

Applies the cell coloring from the worksheet to the data table.

Suppress empty columns

Prevents empty columns from appearing in the data table.

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