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Quality and Process Methods > Control Chart Builder > Launch Control Chart Builder
Publication date: 11/29/2021

Launch Control Chart Builder

You can launch Control Chart Builder in the following two ways:

If you are not sure what type of control chart is appropriate for your data, select Analyze > Quality and Process > Control Chart Builder. This method enables you to drag data columns to the workspace and Control Chart Builder creates an appropriate chart based on the data type and sample size. See Control Chart Builder Interactive Workspace.

If you know which type of control chart is appropriate for your data, select the appropriate chart from the Analyze > Quality and Process > Control Chart submenu. This displays a control chart launch window. See Launch Windows for Specific Control Charts. There are control chart builder launch windows for the following control charts:

I/MR Control Chart

XBar Control Chart

Run Chart

P Control Chart

NP Control Chart

C Control Chart

U Control Chart

Levey Jennings Control Chart

I/MR on Means Control Chart

Three Way Control Chart

Note: The CUSUM Control Chart, EWMA, and Multivariate Control Charts launch in their own platforms instead of launching in Control Chart Builder, and are documented separately. See CUSUM Control Charts, Multivariate Control Charts, and EWMA Control Charts.

Once you click OK in a launch window, the Control Chart Builder window appears with the Control Panel hidden by default. All other options and features are the same.

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