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Profilers > Surface Plot > Overview of the Surface Plot and Surface Profiler
Publication date: 11/29/2021

Overview of the Surface Plot and Surface Profiler

The Surface Plot and Surface Profiler platforms are used to plot points and surfaces in three dimensions.

Surface plots are available as a separate platform (Graph > Surface Plot) and as options in many reports (known as the Surface Profiler). The surface plot functionality is similar in both situations.

The plots can be of points or surfaces or both. When the points are visible in the surface plot, the points are linked to the data table. You can click the points or use the Brush tool to select rows in the data table. The colors and markers assigned in the data table are also reflected in the surface plot.

Surfaces can be defined by a mathematical equation, or through a set of points defining a polygonal surface. Each surface can be displayed as a smooth surface or as a mesh, with or without contour lines. The labels, axes, and lighting for the surface plot are fully customizable.

The Surface Plot is built using the 3D scene commands from the JMP Scripting Language (JSL). When you right-click in the surface plot, the pop-up menu contains Open GL Scene commands. For more information about the Open GL Scene commands, see Three-Dimensional Scenes in the Scripting Guide.

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