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Publication date: 11/29/2021

Surface Plot

Explore Contours of Responses across Three Factors

A surface plot is a three-dimensional plot with one or more dependent variables represented by a smooth surface. You can display up to four dependent variables on the same surface plot.

JMP produces surface plots in the following two situations:

The Surface Plot platform creates a stand-alone report that contains a surface plot for formulas. The formulas can be formula columns in your data table or mathematical formulas that do not involve any data points.

The Surface Profiler option in many model fitting platforms produces a surface plot for the fitted model in the existing platform report.

Figure 5.1 Example of a Surface Plot 

Example of a Surface Plot


Overview of the Surface Plot and Surface Profiler

Example of the Surface Plot Platform

Launch the Surface Plot Platform

The Surface Plot Report

The Surface Plot
Appearance Controls
Independent Variables
Dependent Variables

Surface Plot Platform Options

Pop-Up Menu Options
Dependent Variables Options

Sheet or Surface Properties

Keyboard Shortcuts

Additional Examples of the Surface Plot Platform

Construct a Surface Plot for a Single Mathematical Function
Plotting Isosurfaces
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