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Profilers > Surface Plot > The Surface Plot Report > Independent Variables
Publication date: 11/29/2021

Independent Variables

The Independent Variables report contains the following controls:

X, Y

Radio buttons that enable you to select which independent variables are displayed on the x- and y-axes. This feature is useful when you have more than two independent variables.


The sliders and text boxes set the current values of each variable. These settings are most important for the variables that are not displayed on the axes. The plot shows the three-dimensional slice of the surface at the value shown in the text box. Move the slider to see different slices.

Lock Z Scale

Locks the Z axis to its current values. This is useful when moving the sliders that are not on an axis.


Selecting a check box activates a grid that is perpendicular to the selected variables axis. The sliders enable you to adjust the placement of each grid. The resolution of each grid can be controlled by adjusting axis settings. Figure 5.9 shows a surface with the X and Y grids activated.

Figure 5.9 Activated X and Y GridsĀ 

Activated X and Y Grids

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