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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Assigning Value Order

Consider the Candy sample data table. Of the 18 brands lists under Brand, Hershey and M&M/Mars have the largest numbers of types of candy as listed in the Name column. You want these two brands to appear first in reports.

1. Select Help > Sample Data Library and open Candy

2. Select the Brand column.

3. Select Cols > Column Info.

4. Under Column Properties, select Value Order.

5. In the Value Order list, select Hershey.

6. Click the up arrow five times.

Hershey is now first in the Value Order list.

7. In the Value Order list, select M&M/Mars.

8. Click the up arrow seven times.

M&M/Mars is now second in the Value Order list.

9. Click OK.

An asterisk indicating the Value Order column property appears next to Brand in the columns panel. JMP now lists Hershey and M&M/Mars first in reports involving Brand.

10. Select Analyze > Distribution.

11. Select Calories and click Y, Columns.

12. Select Brand and click By.

13. Click OK.

14. Press Ctrl, click the Calories red triangle, and select Display Options > Horizontal Layout.

Note that the Distribution reports for Hershey and M&M/Mars appear first among the 18 brands.

15. Close the Candy sample data table without saving the changes.

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