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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Value Order

The Value Order column property assigns an order to the values in a column. That order is then used in plots and analyses. You can specify the order in which you want values to appear in reports.

Note: For certain values that have a natural ordering, such as days of the week, JMP automatically orders these in the appropriate way in reports. See Value Order in Using JMP.

Figure A.28 shows the Value Order panel for the Type column in the Car Physical sample data table. Reports that involve the values of Type place these levels in the order Sporty, Small, Compact, Medium, and Large. Use the buttons to the right of the Value Order list to specify your desired ordering for the values.

Figure A.28 Value Order Column Property for Type 

Value Order Column Property for Type

In designs created using most DOE platforms, categorical factors, including the constructed factors Whole Plots and Subplots, and blocking factors are assigned the Value Order property. This property orders the levels according to the order in which they appear in the Factors outline. The levels of constructed factors are consecutive integers and the Value Order property specifies this natural ordering. You can modify the Value Order specification for any factor to meet your needs.

The Value Order property is not assigned by the Covering Array or Taguchi Arrays platforms. The Covering Array platform assigns the Value Labels column property. See Value Labels.

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