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Design of Experiments Guide > Column Properties
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Column Properties

Understanding Column Properties Assigned by DOE

When you construct a design using the DOE platforms, column properties are saved to the data table that contains the resulting design. This appendix provides detail about only those column properties that are saved to designs that the DOE platform constructs. Examples illustrate how each column property is assigned and used by the DOE platforms. Descriptions of column properties not assigned by the DOE platforms are provided in Properties Used in Modeling and DOE in Using JMP.

Some of the column properties described in this appendix are useful in general modeling situations. To use the properties more generally, you can specify them yourself. This ability is particularly useful when your design has not been created by a DOE platform. Some of the examples in this appendix illustrate situations where you add a column property on your own.

Figure A.1 Column Property Asterisks and Column Info Window 

Column Property Asterisks and Column Info Window


Adding and Viewing Column Properties

Response Limits

Response Limits Example
Editing Response Limits

Detection Limits

Functional Response

Design Role

Design Role Example


Low and High Values
Coding Column Property and Center Polynomials
Coding Example
Assigning Coding


Mixture Example

Factor Changes

Factor Changes Example

Value Order

Value Order Example
Assigning Value Order

Value Labels

Value Labels Example


RunsPerBlock Example


ConstraintState Example
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