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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Low and High Values

When the Coding property is applied as part of design construction in a DOE platform, the Low Value is initially set to the minimum setting of the factor and the High Value is initially set to the maximum setting.

When you apply the Coding property to a column that does not contain that property, JMP inserts the minimum value as the Low Value and the maximum value as the High Value. You can change these values as needed.

Caution: After the Coding column property is assigned to a column, JMP does not automatically update it when you make changes to the values in the column. If you change the values in a column that has a Coding column property, review the High Value and Low Value to ensure that they are still appropriate.

The Coding column property centers each value in a column by subtracting the midpoint of the High Value and Low Value. It then divides by half the range. Suppose that H is the High Value and L is the Low Value. Then every X in the column is transformed to the following:

Equation shown here

For each factor, the transformed values have a midpoint equal to 0 and range from -1 to +1.

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