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Design of Experiments Guide > Augment Designs
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Augment Designs

Add Additional Runs to an Existing Design

Use the Augment Design platform to add runs to an existing experimental design. Experimentation is often a sequential process and augmenting a designed experiment can help resolve ambiguities that result from a single design.

For an existing design table, the Augment Design platform constructs additional runs that optimize the overall design. You can add runs to accomplish the following objectives:

Replicate the design a specified number of times.

Add center points.

Create a foldover design.

Add axial points together with center points to transform a screening design to a response surface design.

Add space filling points to a design.

Add runs to the design in order to fit a specific model.

For more information about augmenting designs see Goos and Jones (2011).

Figure 6.1 Original Design Runs (+) with Augmented Runs (o) 

Original Design Runs (+) with Augmented Runs (o)


Example Using the Augment Design Platform

Launch the Augment Design Platform

Augment Design Window

Define Factor Constraints
Augmentation Choices

Augment Design Platform Options

Additional Examples of Augmentation Choices

Replicate a Design
Add Center Points to a Design
Create a Foldover Design
Add Axial Points to a Design
Space Filling Augmentation

Statistical Details

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