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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Augmentation Choices

The Augment Design platform has the following choices for augmentation:


Replicates the design a specified number of times. See Replicate a Design.

Add Centerpoints

Adds center points. Specify how many runs you want to add as center points to the design. A center point is a run whose setting for each continuous factor is midway between the high and low settings. See Center Points, Replicate Runs, and Testing.

If a design contains both continuous and other types of factors, center points might not be balanced relative to the levels of the other factors. Augment Design chooses the center points to maximize the D-, I-, or alias efficiency of the design.

See Add Center Points to a Design.

Fold Over

Creates a foldover design. See Create a Foldover Design.

Add Axial

Adds axial points and center points to a design. Add Axial can be used to generate a central composite design from a screening design. See Add Axial Points to a Design.

Space Filling

Adds additional runs to any design consisting of continuous factors. Additional runs are constructed using the fast flexible filling methodology. See Space Filling Augmentation. Space Filling does not support grouping new runs in a separate block.


Adds runs to the design using a model. This model typically has more terms than the original model. See Example Using the Augment Design Platform.

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