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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Choose Screening Type

After you enter your responses and factors and click Continue, one of the following results occurs:

If a standard design can accommodate your factors and levels, two options appear in the Choose Screening Type panel. See Choose Screening Type Options.

If no listed standard design exists for your factors and levels, then the Choose Screening Type panel does not appear. The Design Generation outline for constructing a main effects screening design opens. See Design Generation.

Choose Screening Type Options

Choose from a list of fractional factorial designs

Enables you to select from a list of designs. This option is the default. See Choose from a List of Fractional Factorial Designs.

Construct a main effects screening design

Opens the Design Generation outline where you can specify the number of runs in the main effects screening design. For more information about main effects screening designs, see Main Effects Screening Designs.

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