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Design of Experiments Guide > Compare Designs
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Compare Designs

Compare and Evaluate Designs Simultaneously

The Compare Designs platform compares up to four designs to a reference design. Use to explore, evaluate, and compare design performance. Diagnostics show how the designs perform relative to each other and how they perform in an absolute sense. To compare designs relative to your specific needs, you can change the terms in the assumed model and in the alias terms list.

Figure 16.1 Comparing Three Designs with Different Run SizesĀ 

Comparing Three Designs with Different Run Sizes


Overview of the Compare Designs Platform

Examples of Comparing Designs

Designs of Same Run Size
Designs of Different Run Sizes
Split Plot Designs with Different Numbers of Whole Plots

Launch the Compare Designs Platform

Compare Designs Window: Specify Model and Alias Terms

Reference Design
Alias Terms

Compare Designs Window: Design Evaluation

Power Analysis
Prediction Variance Profile
Fraction of Design Space Plot
Relative Estimation Efficiency
Alias Matrix Summary
Absolute Correlations
Design Diagnostics

Compare Designs Options

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