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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Competing Cause: Statistics

The Statistics report for Competing Cause contains the following reports:

Cause Summary Report


Cause Summary Report

The Cause Summary report shows information for the fit defined by the current selections under Distribution in the Cause Summary report. The report shows the number of failures for each cause and the parameter estimates for the distribution fit to each failure cause. When you change distribution fits in the Cause Combination report and click Update Model, the Cause Summary report is updated.

The following information is provided:

The Cause column shows either labels of causes or the censor code.

The Counts column lists the number of failures for each cause.

A numerical entry in the Counts column indicates that the cause has enough failure events to consider. A cause with fewer than two events is considered right censored. The column also identifies missing causes.

The Distribution column specifies the selected distribution for each cause.

Depending on the selected distributions, various columns display the parameters of the distributions:

The location column specifies location parameters for various distributions.

The scale column specifies scale parameters for various distributions.

The Weibull α and Weibull β columns show Weibull estimates of alpha and beta.

Other columns show parameters of other selected distributions.

A Convergence column appears if there are convergence issues.

The Cause Summary red triangle menu options enable you to save the probability, quantile, hazard, and density estimates for the aggregated failure distribution to the data table.


The Distribution, Quantile, Hazard, and Density profilers help you visualize the aggregated failure distribution. The Distribution, Quantile, and Hazard profilers show 95% level confidence bands. See Profilers.

Note: If a nonparametric distribution is specified for a cause, the Hazard and Density profilers are not provided. Also, confidence limits are not provided in the Distribution and Quantile profilers.

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